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BOPA - Batteries, Oil, Paint and Antifreeze

Recycling Divisions has begun a "BOPA" program at the Consumer Recycling Center. The city of Vallejo now accepts "B"atteries, "O"il, "P"aint and "A"ntifreeze for recycling at the following Centers.
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Recology Vallejo » | | | | | | | |
Devlin Road Transfer Station
| | | | | | | |
Devlin Road Transfer Station
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Napa-Vallejo Household Hazardous Waste C » | | | | | | | |
VALCORE Recycling » | | | | | | | |
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AutoZone » | | | |
Jiffy Lube » | | | |
Kragen Auto Parts (Sonoma Blvd) » | | | |
Kragen Auto Parts (Springs Rd) » | | | |
Oil Changer » | | | |
Pep Boys » | | | |
Quality Tune-Up » | | | |
SpeeDee Oil Change » | | | |
Recology Vallejo » | | | |

Auto Waste

Automotive Wastes must be disposed of at a certified Business Hazardous Waste facility or with a certified hauler.

These wastes include
Brake fluid
Car batteries
Oily rags
Engine degreaser
Liquid polishes
Power steering fluid
Transmission fluid
Windshield wiper fluid

Auto Batteries [Lead Acid]
Lead acid batteries can be turned in when a new battery is purchased. They are also accepted at Business Hazardous Waste facilities.

It is illegal to dump old tires in any California landfill or anywhere in the state.

California has more registered vehicles than any other state. As a result, approximately 33.5 million tires are generated each year.

The California Tire Recycling Act of 1989 (AB1843) created the Tire Recycling Program. A $1/per tire fees is collected on the sale of new tires. Most tire shops will accept used tires when new tires are purchased. Some shops will charge an additional recycling fee for used tires. Check with your local tire dealers for current charges.

Antifreeze Recycling
E-mail Contact: Frank
P.O.Box 5156
Petaluma, CA 94955
Phone: 877 766-9253

Program Description: On site antifreeze recycling
Vallejo & Benicia only
Call/email for info

California Auto Dismantling
E-mail 1578 Green Island Rd
American Canyon, CA 94503
Phone: 800 642-1582 707 557-4300

Program Description: Honda, Acura, Saturn, Toyota and Lexus. Top Dollar for cars

Pacific Auto Salvage, Inc
Contact: Willie
5759 Napa-Vallejo Highway
American Canyon, CA 94503
Phone: 707 255-1437
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm

Program Description: Northern California's First Gold Seal Certified Auto Recycler Certified

Call for information and approval before coming in
California State Certified Oil Recycler

Chico Drain Oil Se
1618 West 5th Street
Chico, CA 95928
Phone: 800 733-9073 408 292-9289
Cost: yes

Program Description: Automotive Waste and Hazardous wastes including contaminated gas and diesel

Interstate Battery
2400 Bluebell Dr
Santa Rosa, CA
Phone: 800 640-5640

Program Description: Picks up Interstate Batteries from their dealers

E-mail Contact: Bill Mish
5750 Commerce Blvd
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Phone: 707 584-0415
Cost: yes

Program Description: Picks up Auto Waste including Oil, lubricants,etc
Picks up Hazardous Wastes.
Sells equipment for washing parts and handling paint waste.

Is your car a junker?

Program Description: Is Your Car a Junker? Call these companies to recycle your car

Steel Mill Supply
707 226-3950
659 Napa Junction Road
American Canyon
Restrictions; Take your pink slip to the DMV to get a junk certificate. Please no batteries, coolant, or motor oil and filters. All gas and transmission fluids need to be drained. A minimum of 12 holes in the gas tank.

Pacific Auto Salvage: 707 255-1437
5759 Napa-Vallejo Hwy, American Canyon
Accepts automotive metal
Also accepts Auto Batteries, Motor Oil and Filters
Call for details

California Auto Dismantling 707 557-4300
1578 Green Island Rd, American Canyon
Buys back Honda, Acura, Saturn, Toyota and Lexus cars

Pick-N-Pull/Fairfield: 800 442-5865
4659 Airbase Pkwy, Fairfield

Maximum Oil Service
Contact: Max
164 Robles Dr
Vallejo, CA 94591
Phone: 888 609-2629, 707 552-8419

Program Description: Commercial pick up of Oil, filters and antifreeze

Big Sky Enterprises
E-mail Contact: Jeff
Industrial Park , P.O. Box 481
Benicia, CA 94510
Phone: 800 479-7993
Cost: yes

Program Description: Oil, oil filters, tires, batteries, empty drum and other hazardous waste

Evergreen Environmental
6880 Smith Ave
Newark, CA 95560
Phone: 800 972-5284
Cost: yes

Program Description: Picks up oil, oil filters, and antifreeze, oily water, hazardous waste, drums.

Full service environmental management

Sells Re-refined Base oil, Burner fuel, Asphal flux and Recycled, New automotive antifreeze

Bataeff Salvage Co
244 Mountain View Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Phone: 707 584-8401
Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am -5:30pm, Sun 10am -4 pm
Cost: yes

Program Description: Sells steel barrels, steel/plastic barrels, 2-gallon buckets, 5 gallon buckets and other metal

Devlin Road Transfer Station
E-mail 889 Devlin Road
American Canyon, CA 94503
Phone: 707 252-0500/scale house: 707 258-9005/office
Hours: Daily 8:30am-3:30pm
Cost: yes

Program Description: Tires are accepted and a fee is charged depending on the size of the tire

Dewitt Tire Recycler
E-mail Contact: Tom Dewitt
P.O. Box 1651
Sonoma, CA 94576
Phone: 707 996-2015
Cost: yes

Program Description: Picks up used tires

Kennec, Inc.
Contact: Joaquin Wright

Phone: 760-912-5800

Program Description: Tire Derived Aggregate Reuse<\/b>

If the tires are in fairly clean shape (not buried in petroleum contaminated soils for example) there is a company that works with contractors that is using clean used tires for a new technology for road construction as source material after its shredded. A good point of contact is Joaquin Wright with Kennec, Inc. who has a contract with the State of California / CA EPA and CIWMB for tire reuse within the State. When construction projects come up, he can put you in touch with contractors that would take the tires, shred them and utilize them in the construction as tire derived aggregate. In your area, landslide road stabilization is a typical use for the TDA. Visit the website linked above